»Wenn jeder Mensch nur
täglich eine Minute aufwendet,
um darüber nachzudenken,
wie er das Leben für den Planeten,

für seine Liebsten und auch
für sich selbst besser machen kann,

haben wir schon ganz viel erreicht,
denn Gedanken schaffen Materie.«

Elias Pape (MLB Gründer)


As the saying goes: “Relationships are half the life. Right?”
How much love and good you encounter in life depends crucially on your own willingness to give.

Once we understand that we can’t expect anything from anyone else, because we are responsible for our actions and happiness in life, we start acting with self-love

Probably the best decision you can make for yourself is the one that fills your heart with joy.
So the first and most important relationship is with yourself!

For heart touching connections to ppl, who always have a place for us, like our closest friends, family, or even soulmates, we need to follow the voice of our own heart first .


Imagine, how much nicer would your life look like, if you would just do, what you genuinely enjoy and fills your heart with happiness ?

Isn´t possible? Ok, Then it´s precisely the inner voice of your critic that´s speaks to you right now !!!
Get to know your emotional limits and inner resistances that have kept you from doing what you truly wanted to give your life the meaningful power
you might be missing right now.

Awareness is the first step to change and your will is your foundation, which supports you!
Find the goals of your life now, because the longing you feel is the request of your heart to be who you truly are.

Over the years we have found
that nothing is more important than
maintaining balance and harmony
in every area of our lives. This ability
enables us to make decisionswhich
lead us step by step into a happier,
free and self-determined life.
Because that’s worth it to us.

Our six pillars for a
happy and fulfilling life:


We all know that there are many aspects which are influencing our health. Some are positive, and some are not!

Have you ever thought about the stressful day, when everything just slipped away from you ? How did feel on a day like this? A day like this just sucks the good energy out of you, while a gorgous day with loving firends and family gives you the strenght to go on. You feel how important it is to harmonize the different areas of your life so that you can feel completely at ease.

At MLB, we view the state of perfect health as a harmonious union of physical, mental, and social well-being. It is just as important to solve conflicts as to treat yourself to small oases of calm in order to master the challenges of everyday life.

Our environment can be quite toxic, that´s why you need a strong mind and a purposeful attitude as a shield, which solves you from emotional pressure. Not that easy? You´re right! The difficulty of strengthening our health holistically and sustainably is mostly due to the contradictory demands of life itself. We are happy to help you and look forward to being able to accompany you on your journey!

Financial Education

Negative beliefs are mental limits that we set ourselves!
Not many people know that these blockages start seeping our subconscious at the age of 6 years old.

A mental block is an uncontrollable suppression or repression of painful or unwanted thoughts and memories. Now it becomes all the more clear why it can be so difficult for most of us and seems almost unimaginable to have just a single thought in the direction of financial freedom or even security.

We neither feel able nor dare to dream of the beautiful and free life what lies ahead, if only we could earn a little more. This goes hand in hand with the relation we have to money and the very personal value we place on it. Now please be honest with yourself, quietly, quietly for yourself…
What is your real wish and what has prevented you from realizing it so far?

Would you like some help with this? We are happy to be there for you and tell you about our personal success, because we too were at the beginning of an important and life-changing decision.

Contacts and Travel

The train of life… a journey of happiness that is full of adventure…

You meet a lot of people in your life. Some accompany you for a while and bring many changes with them.
Their presence reminds us that it is time to find other paths if we want to move forward, and their Faith and trust in us opens the doors to your hidden potential.

Another passenger only reminds you of your destination.
About who you really are and what you really want. This travel companion helps you to concentrate on your life and gives you new courage. Another makes space for you so that you can rest for a while to recharge your batteries.

Probably the most challenging encounter on our life journey is the painful experience that we do when we meet people who help us to grow personally.

The truth can be hurtful, yet it is liberating at the same time because it opens new doors to unimagined possibilities and lets us grow further.

Where is your next trip going? What is your favorite destination for your next vacation and which one for your life?


Charity begins with a smile, a kind word, which can be crucial for another person to go through their everyday life happier.

A praise, and thanksgiving, the friendly atmosphere we create by turning to each other. Nothing is more heart touching than the deep connection and the smile of pure joy you feel when you reach out your helping hands to another person in need.

At Make Life Better, we love and live charity because it is the key to a world living in peace and love.

Come on in, and join some happy times with us and the world at its ease, we are looking forward to meet you soon.